What is Cosmetic Dentistry, and How Can It Improve Your Smile?

Herrick Dental | 05/23/18

Ensuring the long-term health and wellness of your teeth and mouth is your dentist office’s top priority. We spend countless hours honing our craft, planning out longterm dental health strategies for our patients, and staying up on the latest procedures. But for the modern dentist office, health is only the

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Is Fluoride Good or Bad for your Health?

Herrick Dental | 04/19/18

While fluoride is a great chemical when it comes to your dental hygiene, many people believe it to be a harmful substance. And as with most issues, there’s some fiction sprinkled in with the fact. Fluoride used in the appropriate amount is highly effective at protecting your mouth by strengthening

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Do You Qualify for Dental Implants?

Herrick Dental | 03/28/18

Despite the best efforts, sometimes a tooth cannot be saved. And when that happens, a dental implant is typically the best solution for a long-term replacement. However, you may be uncertain about whether or not a dental implant is right for you, or even if a condition you have makes

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What are Dental Mouth Guards, and Do I Need One?

Herrick Dental | 02/22/18

Getting a dental mouth guard might not be something you’ve ever considered. Those are just for football or hockey players, you might have thought—and yes, while mouth guards are worn by many athletes, they can help beyond just taking a hit. A dental mouth guard can be a comfortable, convenient way to treat

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What is Oral Surgery, and When is it Necessary?

Herrick Dental | 01/16/18

Whether it’s due to an injury, genetic condition, or just the way your teeth come in, sometimes a dental situation requires the work of an oral surgeon. While your dentist can perform a number of important procedures, along with helping you craft a course of treatment for long-term oral health, some

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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

Herrick Dental | 12/11/17

Some of us can go our entire lives without the need for a dental filling. But according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, by the time we’re 64 years old, more than 95 percent of us have either dental cavities or missing teeth. If you’ve been lucky enough so

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Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Before the New Year

Herrick Dental | 11/08/17

The last few months of the year always seem to be the busiest, with holiday shopping lists to address, visitors to prepare for, and plenty of school-related activities to attend on the calendar. But as the year draws to a close, getting caught up on your family’s routine dental visits

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Why Do I Need Fluoride Treatment at the Dentist

Herrick Dental | 10/24/17

For most patients, a fluoride treatment is just another part of our regular dentist visit. But many have questions, or even concerns, about the purpose of fluoride – do I really need this treatment? What about that scary article I saw online? Fluoride treatments are easy, comfortable, and beneficial to

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Should My Child Get Dental Sealants to Protect Their Teeth?

Herrick Dental | 09/27/17

From getting candy at school as a special treat to after school snacks with friends to simply what they eat at home—there are lots of foods and drinks that can make plaque in your child’s teeth worse. Even with rigorous daily dental hygiene, it can be difficult to keep plaque

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Will a Night Guard Really Help My Teeth Grinding Pain?

Herrick Dental | 08/24/17

Most of us are prone to the occasional teeth grinding when something really steams us. But for sufferers of bruxism, that grinding isn’t by choice. And if left untreated, it can lead to pain, tooth damage, and other unwelcome health issues. But, there’s no need to worry – a solution

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