| 08/01/13

Silver fillings (called amalgams) have been used in dentistry for nearly a century. As advancements in dental materials have been produced, tooth colored fillings became available and used on a more frequent basis in routine dental treatment. Tooth colored composite fillings offer many benefits to the patients at Herrick Dental.

Match the color of your natural teeth

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of composite fillings is that the material is shaded to match your natural tooth enamel. This allows the filling to blend in with the surrounding tooth, no matter where it is placed. You’ll never have to worry about dark, silver fillings showing when you smile or laugh. Several different shades of material are available so that the most appropriate color can be selected based on the color of your smile.

Composite fillings easily replace traditional fillings

The aesthetic benefits of composite fillings are one reason why many people choose to have our Columbus dental office replace their old silver fillings. Fillings that have become worn, broken or leak should always be replaced in a timely manner in order to preserve the health and function of the tooth. Drs. Herrick and Hoffner can remove your dark fillings and place a composite filling that makes your smile look years younger.

Composite fillings are less invasive than traditional fillings

Traditional fillings require significant preparation of the tooth enamel prior to being placed in the mouth. In fact, more tooth enamel has to be removed when a silver filling is placed than what is prepared for a tooth colored restoration.

With a tooth colored restoration, the decay or damaged enamel is removed, the tooth is gently conditioned, and the filling material is placed so that it bonds naturally with the tooth structure. Silver fillings require a wedged area to be placed in the tooth, so that the enamel can hold the filling into place, without a bond between the two. Because tooth colored fillings bond with your tooth, they are smaller and much less invasive.

Composite fillings can be placed in more areas than traditional fillings

This also allows the composite fillings to be placed in non traditional areas where a silver filling is inappropriate, such as areas of recession, the edges of front teeth, flat surfaces and to close open spaces similar to a bonding procedure.

If you suspect that you need fillings, or want to have your silver fillings replaced with tooth colored composite restorations, our Columbus, OH can help. Both Dr. Herrick and Dr. Hoffner provide consultations, silver filling replacements, and new tooth colored fillings to patients in need of smile restoration services.

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