| 06/13/14

healthy enamel

The modern dental patient has many benefits to preventive procedures that can keep their teeth healthier, longer. At Herrick Dentistry, we believe making educated, proactive choices not only improves your dental health, it helps our patients minimize the long-term investments in their dental care. Let’s talk about 4 of the major ways Herrick Dentistry patients can strengthen their tooth enamel:

Eat fresh, crispy produce

Fresh, fibrous fruits and vegetables aren’t just good for you, they promote cleaner, stronger teeth. Our patients that eat fresh veggies frequently have healthier gum tissue and less plaque buildup. Apples, pears, and carrots are all wonderful examples of foods that clean your teeth while you eat them. Fresh is best!

Take advantage of fluoride applications

Professional strength fluoride that is applied after your cleaning appointment can soak deep into the pores of your tooth enamel. This encourages re-mineralization of weak enamel to prevent decay as well as minimize tooth sensitivity.

Place sealants over the deep grooves in your back teeth

Naturally deep grooves and pits in the chewing surfaces of your molars can easily develop cavities. At Herrick Dentistry we encourage parents to have sealants placed on their children’s teeth as soon as permanent molars erupt – between the ages of 6 and 12. However, they can also be placed on adults as a low-cost preventive method that keeps teeth healthier, longer.

Choose early, minimally invasive dental care

The earlier your dental treatment is completed, the less damage is done to your teeth. Cavities and aged restorations can quickly expand and damage surrounding enamel. Repairing these areas as soon as possible prevents complications or the need for more expensive procedures. Choosing composite fillings don’t just look great; they also bond directly to your enamel and make your teeth stronger.

If you’re prone to having a history of frequent tooth decay, sensitive teeth, or weak enamel, then taking these easy steps can help strengthen your teeth. At Herrick Dentistry we are committed to helping our patients strengthen their teeth naturally and avoid everyday complications caused by weak enamel. For best results, visit us every 6 months for a dental checkup and cleaning.

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