| 11/21/13

Any person that’s ever been to the dentist knows that they’re supposed to floss their teeth everyday, yet hardly anybody does it. Why do your dentist and hygienist make such a fuss over it? The benefits may not always be visible or obvious to you, but the long-term effects of flossing have tremendous benefits that affect the way your smile can look for the rest of your life!

Dental floss

Flossing every day helps avoid cavities in one of the most common areas of the mouth

Most cavities form between the teeth, where one tooth touches the next. No matter how well you brush, a toothbrush can never reach these areas and will not keep them clean. Removing bacteria, food, and plaque each day will prevent cavities from forming.

Daily flossing prevents, treats, and reverses gum disease

Sliding the floss up and down under your gums will remove disease-causing bacteria that make your gums detach from your teeth. It also prevents bone loss from occurring. If you have mild gum detachment (gum disease pockets), cleaning them can help the healthy tissue reattach to your teeth and preserve your smile for several more years. Otherwise, you may lose your teeth completely due to a lack of support.

You can prevent gum recession by flossing regularly

Unhealthy gums due to tartar buildup or gum disease will begin to creep down the surface of your roots, exposing them when you smile. Not only do your teeth appear longer and more sensitive, but the spaces between the teeth also accumulate food, making them less than aesthetically pleasing.

You’ll have fresher breath and less visible tartar buildup on your teeth

With less bacteria hiding under your gumlines, you’ll help omit the cause of musty gum-disease breath. It will also disrupt bacteria so that it can’t calcify into dark brown or black tartar on your teeth.

Your dental work will last longer

Existing restorations like crowns and fillings will last longer when they are cleaned well each day. Otherwise your investment in long-term restorations may be cut short!

If you haven’t been flossing, it’s not too late. Picking the habit back up is easy to do and can provide visible benefits in just 2 weeks! The key is to find what method works best for you, be it traditional floss, floss picks, or water flossing. Even the most expensive toothbrush won’t clean the area that floss can, so it’s an important part of your daily routine that just simply can’t be replaced.

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