| 08/28/13

Improving the appearance of your smile isn’t something reserved for a few select dental patients. There are lots of reasons why people choose to have cosmetic dental therapies performed in addition to their routine dental care.  Below are just a few of the advantages that cosmetic dentistry offers:

Cosmetic dentistry improves your smile affordably.

There are many cosmetic services that fit almost any budget. From dental bonding to tooth whitening, each person’s treatment plan is designed to meet his or her budget. A brilliantly white smile doesn’t have to be expensive!

Cosmetic dentistry offers lots of treatment options.

Whether you have one crooked, discolored tooth or a mouth full of teeth you want to improve, cosmetic dental care is customized to include therapies that are the most effective to address your specific needs.

An improved smile can impact your professional and social life.

Studies show that people who have strong, noticeable smiles are more likely to be awarded jobs, get promotions and have an improved social life. Being concerned about how your teeth look to others can prevent someone from smiling, but cosmetic services can increase self-confidence and change the way you feel about yourself.

Cosmetic treatments are non-invasive.

Procedures like laser teeth whitening and some dental veneers don’t require any uncomfortable procedures such as injections or drilling. Just sit back in the dental chair and relax as your treatment is completed. You’ll benefit from instant results as soon as your procedure is finished and walk out with a new smile the same day.

Cosmetic solutions can enhance restorative treatments.

Regular dental treatment doesn’t have to look ugly. Most procedures like fillings, crowns and bridges offer options that keep cosmetics in mind, restoring your teeth to their full beauty while also eliminating disease conditions like tooth decay.

If you’re curious about how Herrick Dental can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of, contact us for a complementary cosmetic dental consultation today!

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