| 02/27/13

Healthcare is expected to rule our thoughts from the very first time we feel an unexpected pain in our chest, to the painful toothache we suddenly find ourselves having to deal with. When it comes to choosing a new dentist, there are some things that should be important to us. These concerns will vary depending on who you ask, but for the most part the criteria is the same.

All About The Experience
Here at Herrick Dental, we know the average person is actually very apprehensive about allowing a stranger poke around in their mouth. So it should be no surprise that so many people put off having dental work done, until the damage has taken place. Most of these fears tend to be unwarranted, but we know that finding a dentist that makes you feel safe is probably one of the most important requirements.

Will Insurance Cover My Visit
Finances will also be on the minds of anyone shopping for a new dentist. Although dental insurance may not cover as much as medical insurance does, every little bit counts. For those provided with insurance, it will be important to know whether the prospective dental office does in fact accept your carrier. We know dental insurance can be confusing, but our front office is extremely knowledgeable about dental insurance, and will help you utilize it to maximize your benefits upon your first visit to our Columbus dental office.

What About Qualifications
We know that you want your Columbus, Ohio dentist to have a wide variety of services available. While you are more than likely just looking for a routine cleaning, you also want a dentist that would be able to provide services for implants, extractions, cosmetic services and offer emergency dental care for all the things you don’t plan for. Being a well-rounded dental office, we are up to date on the latest procedures and technologies and are able to serve you better.

Will The Staff Be Friendly
We know that the first impression you get from a dental office is the staff. As your local dentist in Columbus, we pride ourselves on the friendliness of our staff. We want you to feel comfortable from the moment you walk in and make your experience as pleasant as possible.

How Difficult Is It To Make An Appointment
Finally, if you can’t make an appointment with your dental office, especially when you need one, what’s the point? Accepting patients and overbooking can sometimes cause patients to look to other dental offices for their care, especially if it takes weeks to make an appointment, or the patient ends up having an excessively long wait when they arrive for their appointment. That is why we offer extended office hours throughout the week for your convenience.

We believe we can be that premier dentist for your in Columbus. Give us a call or contact us here.

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