| 03/16/17

dental technologyDental technology has come a long way since most of us were kids. As scientists and engineers have found new ways to miniaturize and expand the capabilities of equipment, your visit to the dentist’s office has become faster, more precise, and less invasive.

It’s a safe bet that you don’t keep up on the latest advances in dental technology. But at Herrick Family Dental, it’s something in which our staff is extremely interested. State-of-the-art tools not only help us do our jobs, but make the experience even more pleasant for you.

Here are just a few of ways our office employs the latest tech to improve your visit.

Digital X-Rays to Add Interaction

Before digital photography, patients and dentists would have to wait hours (or schedule a follow up appointment) before viewing the results of an x-ray. Less efficient equipment also meant scheduling x-rays only when absolutely necessary, to reduce radiation exposure.

With modern digital x-rays, however, a precise image is displayed immediately on a monitor beside your chair, which your dentist can interpret in real time. Also, sensors placed in the mouth have replaced film – these sensors are more sensitive, meaning radiation exposure is reduced, and the technology can be used more extensively.

New Materials Make Fillings Less Visible

In years past, repairing a cavity meant relying on fairly visible silver fillings. And while they got the job done, silver fillings weren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing.

Today, our dentists are able to fill a cavity with a tooth-colored resin. This resin is typically a composite of plastic and glass that can be matched to the shade of surrounding teeth.

Composite fillings can be placed in a single visit, and also necessitate less drilling than traditional fillings, meaning more of your tooth can be retained.

Enhanced ORs for Greater Precision

Knowledge is power, and the more information dentists have during a procedure, the better than can address their patients’ care.

With multiple computers in each patient room, our dentists have access to all of your dental and medical records immediately, along with notes from previous appointments. Any x-rays and digital images already taken of your teeth can be quickly pulled up for comparison. And rather than record diagnoses and instructions later in the day, treatment plans can be input immediately and completely.

Air Abrasion to Improve Comfort

While dentists still utilize hand tools to go about their work, new methods of abrasion have been introduced that make tooth preparation gentler and less invasive.

Through the use of compressed air, dentists are able to scour decay from a tooth to prepare for a restoration, often removing the need for anesthesia.

Electronic Records Keep Your Info Accurate

Before computers became a regular part of the workplace, misplacing a medical file in the wrong filing cabinet could cause a major headache for both patients and dentists.

With the advent of electronic dental and medical records, however, patient care has been revolutionized – vital information about your specific dental needs can be shared immediately and accurately. And the space needed to store them is, well, significantly smaller.

Technology has brought improvements to many aspects of life, including dentistry. To stop by our office and see what Herrick Family Dental has to offer, or to schedule your next appointment, contact us online.

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