What is Oral Surgery, and When is it Necessary?

| 16/01/18

Whether it’s due to an injury, genetic condition, or just the way your teeth come in, sometimes a dental situation requires the work of an oral surgeon. While your dentist can perform a number of important procedures, along with helping you craft a course of treatment for long-term oral health, some

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What Should I Do When I Need Emergency Dental Care?

| 20/02/17

A dental emergency is something many of us would choose not to think about, until the situation forces itself upon us. But emergencies do happen, to us and our families, and knowing how to handle them ahead of time can make the difference between a temporary or permanent outcome. The

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What To Do In The Event You Have A Tooth Knocked Out

| 17/06/15

Tooth avulsion, more commonly known as a knocked out tooth, can be very scary. Not only is it painful, but the fear that you may not keep your tooth can be even worse. This advice will surely save you or someone you care about in the case of tooth avulsion.

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