| 11/17/15

oral careWere you aware that children’s teeth need fluoride in order to develop into healthy adult teeth? What you probably do not know, however, is that fluoride is important to keep adult teeth healthy and free from decay as well.

New studies show that fluoride treatments greatly reduce the chances of tooth decay. Treatments can reduce tooth decay by up to 30 percent! Fluoride benefits are widely unknown, so read on to learn more.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that helps protect teeth against decay. This vital mineral is often found in water, but it is absent in some regions. When you do not have enough fluoride to protect your teeth, dentists may recommend professional fluoride treatments.

One method is to apply a topical solution to the teeth. This is the most common way to increase fluoride intake for patients. The other way is to swallow supplements or consume fluoridated foods and drinks.

At-Risk Patients Benefit Most From Fluoride

While fluoride is beneficial to most individuals, some patients have an increased chance of tooth decay. These patients typically have experienced any of the following:

Adults with one or more of the above at-risk factors need more fluoride than what is available naturally. Other high-risk patients include individuals with poor oral hygiene practices, eating disorders, or lack of regular dental checkups. Whatever the cause, the benefits of fluoride solve problems caused by these risk factors.

Additionally, fluoride aids in protecting sensitive teeth. Individuals risk developing sensitive teeth by partaking diets with highly acidic foods and beverages, like orange juice. Regular professional treatments will strengthen your teeth against this new-formed sensitivity.

Fluoride Protects Dental Procedures

The beneficial mineral helps protect restoration procedures such as:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Braces

When used along with excellent oral hygiene practices, like flossing and teeth cleaning, fluoride helps fend off bacteria that degrade the procedures over time. There is no good reason to let your hard-earned money go to waste. Protect your investments with fluoride.

Fluoride Saves You Money

Although many insurance plans do not cover fluoride treatments past the age of 18, adults still need it. If you decide to go without, you will pay more later when you will face the costs of restorative dental procedures. In addition to the physical pain you will experience, you will also suffer with the financial burden of eliminating tooth decay.

Treatments Are Fast and Easy

Treatments last only a few minutes, and they can be tacked on to the end of your regular checkup. The process is painless and the mineral usually comes in the form of a gel or foam. Dentists can prescribe special toothpastes and mouthwashes with elevated fluoride levels, as well.

For full effect, smoking, drinking, and eating will not permitted for about 30 minutes after the visit.

Fluoride Is Safe

There are claims out there suggesting that fluoride is unsafe or dangerous, but these are mainly unfounded. However, a condition called Fluorosis can occur if you are intaking too much fluoride. Fluorosis affects the tooth appearance, but if you are seeing a dentist for professional fluoride treatments, there is nothing to fear.

Each case is unique. Some patients need fluoride up to every 3 months, while others only need it once a year. We are happy to provide recommendations on a fluoride treatment schedule that will be most beneficial to your individual oral health needs.

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