3 Reasons You May Have Bleeding Gums

| 24/02/14

A lot of people don’t floss because it often times results in bleeding gums. Even if their hygienist has told them to floss or brush a certain way, the bleeding makes them worry that something else is going on, so they decide not to do it. What is it that

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5 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy During Halloween

| 23/10/13

After finding the perfect costume for your children, Halloween pretty much revolves around collecting and eating candy or other sugary sweets. This may seem like a dentist’s worst nightmare, especially if your child has a history of tooth decay. While it may seem impossible to completely avoid candy at all

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5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist at Your Next Routine Exam

| 13/08/13

We encourage our patients to be active in the care of their oral health, helping patients to understand and address their unique needs.  Often, we find that many patients approach a routine examine as spectators rather than participants.  Dental care is much more effective when patients proactively ask questions during

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For Women – How Hormonal Shifts Can Impact Oral Health

| 02/08/13

Women may find that throughout that their gum tissues change throughout their lifespan or even during their monthly cycles. These changes can be mild and unnoticeable, or hormone influences may cause their gums to be dramatically affected to where normal oral hygiene practices are not effective. Noticing unhealthy gums Healthy

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How to Interpret a Mouthwash Label to Choose the Right One for You

| 25/06/13

There are dozens of different types of mouthwash on the market and it can be difficult to determine the right option that will best meet your needs. Mouthwashes can help inhibit plaque buildup, prevent or control tooth decay, treat or reduce gingivitis, and work to slow down plaque hardening into

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3 Myths About Cavities

| 22/06/13

Having misconceptions about dental decay can greatly affect the health of your smile. While some information that you hear may be accurate, there are common thoughts or beliefs that you may have heard from friends that could jeopardize the tooth, or all of your teeth. If it’s a baby tooth,

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Powered Toothbrushes – Why You Should Make the Switch from Manual Toothbrushes

| 22/05/13

Are you still thinking about making the switch from a manual toothbrush to a powered one? While the initial investment is certainly something to consider, they can be powerful tools in your efforts to maintain healthy and strong teeth and gums. There is a pretty broad range in models and

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