What is Restorative Dentistry?

Herrick Dental | 03/14/16

Do you have chipped or cracked teeth? Do you find yourself covering your mouth when you smile? If so, read on to learn more about restorative dentistry. This aspect of dentistry does not just restore your teeth’s natural appearance and function, but it can also increase your self-confidence! What Is

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The Key to Gum Disease Prevention

Herrick Dental | 02/15/16

Raise your hand if you are guilty of not taking gum disease seriously. Now keep it in the air if you have ever missed a brushing session or failed to floss. Okay, you can put your hand down now. We just wanted to grab your attention because gum disease is

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What You Should Know About Oral Cancer

Herrick Dental | 01/14/16

Unfortunately, about 45,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. While this number may seem like a lot, the good news is that with early detection, the oral cancer survival rate is high. To this end, we want to educate our patients on the subject of oral cancer so

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What Type of Braces are Right for You?

Herrick Dental | 12/14/15

If you find yourself wondering, “Should I get braces?” then you are in the right place. So many questions arise from this simple question, which many people are afraid to ask their dentist in the first place. Usually, braces can be fitted with affordable pricing and personal plans designed to

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Fluoride 101: Why You Need It

Herrick Dental | 11/17/15

Were you aware that children’s teeth need fluoride in order to develop into healthy adult teeth? What you probably do not know, however, is that fluoride is important to keep adult teeth healthy and free from decay as well. New studies show that fluoride treatments greatly reduce the chances of

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Why You Should Be Extremely Committed to Flossing Daily

Herrick Dental | 10/21/15

When our dentists recommend flossing and brushing daily, we mean it! Flossing often takes a back seat to brushing for many reasons. Maybe it is because it takes longer than brushing, or maybe it is just easy to forget. Whatever the reason, it is time to come to terms with

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How Can A Dentist Help Me With My Sleep Apnea

Herrick Dental | 09/23/15

Sleep Apnea is a much more common diagnosis than most people think. Actually, chances are that you or someone you know suffers from sleep apnea. However, did you know that our dentist office can offer treatments that will allow you to sleep like normal? While we cannot diagnose your sleep

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6 Common Questions About Invisalign

Herrick Dental | 08/24/15

Around 50 percent of people wear braces at some point in their lifetime, which means that all of those people have to deal with sharp metal and a lot of pain. Did you know that there is a better option that is next to invisible and takes less time to

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Why a Custom Mouthguard is Better For Athletes

Herrick Dental | 07/17/15

While sports are fun and a great way to stay in shape, they can also present very real dangers to the body. Each year, numerous injuries occur without the use of proper safety gear, including the new and improved custom mouthguards made to provide maximum dental protection in sports. Do

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What To Do In The Event You Have A Tooth Knocked Out

Herrick Dental | 06/17/15

Tooth avulsion, more commonly known as a knocked out tooth, can be very scary. Not only is it painful, but the fear that you may not keep your tooth can be even worse. This advice will surely save you or someone you care about in the case of tooth avulsion.

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