3 No-Nonsense Reasons for Routine Oral Care

Herrick Dental | 05/26/15

Even if you brush twice a day, floss daily, and use mouthwash regularly, you are still lacking vital aspects of your dental care. While the standard toothbrush and toothpaste can certainly maintain the health of your teeth and gums, they only cover the basics of oral hygiene. Your teeth can

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Why You Should Invest in a Custom Athletic Mouthguard

Herrick Dental | 04/27/15

Athletic mouthguards are some of the most discrete but vital pieces of equipment in the sports world. You have probably noticed mouthguards prominently used in more brutal contact sports such as boxing, football, hockey, and rugby, as athletes constantly pummel each other with fists, shoulders, elbows, and solid objects. However,

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5 Questions to Ask At Your Child’s First Dental Exam

Herrick Dental | 01/26/15

Taking your child in for their first dental visit can be intimidating- it’s a new experience for both of you! Coming prepared because you know what to expect and which questions to ask your dentist can ease the stress. Let us help prepare you and your child for amazing results

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Give the Gift of Whitening this Christmas with Our 50% Off Special!

Herrick Dental | 12/19/14

With Christmas fast approaching, we all run into the challenge of choosing gifts for our loved ones.  From not knowing what they really want to trying to save money, Christmas shopping provides many challenges along with the joys of gift giving.  At Herrick (Herrick), we want to help you embody

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Why Is Mercury Free Dentistry Important?

Herrick Dental | 11/24/14

You’re concerned about the world around you. You try to incorporate healthy decisions to have a positive impact on yourself and others. You value your health. Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading to learn about a dangerous practice that could be affecting you and your family’s health. This

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Identifying the Common Causes of Bad Breath

Herrick Dental | 11/21/14

Have you been in a situation where you are talking to someone, but the bad odor emitting from the person’s mouth wants to make you gag and you can’t focus on the person’s words? Well, that is bad breath, or halitosis. Halitosis is a condition that anyone can suffer from,

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What Causes Dry Mouth? Here Are 6 Common Culprits

Herrick Dental | 09/23/14

Dry mouth (or, xerostomia as its called in the medical community) is more than just a nuisance. While everyone experiences dry mouth in certain circumstances – such as when they are nervous, under a lot of stress, or fatigued, there is cause for concern if you experience dry mouth frequently

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3 Benefits of Chewing Sugar-Free Gum That You May not Have Known About

Herrick Dental | 08/12/14

Most people grab a piece of gum after a meal, to curb a craving, or just to fight boredom. The type of gum that you choose can have huge benefits (or risks) when it comes to your teeth. Gum that contains sugar can cause cavities to develop deep within the

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3 Lunch Foods that Can Keep your Smile Healthy

Herrick Dental | 07/10/14

When it comes to having healthy teeth, it’s often the little things that make a big difference. Did you know that your choices at lunch can have long-term effects? If you’re looking for small, easy ways to maintain your oral health you can start by brainstorming some new healthy lunchtime

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4 Ways You Can Strengthen your Teeth’s Enamel

Herrick Dental | 06/13/14

The modern dental patient has many benefits to preventive procedures that can keep their teeth healthier, longer. At Herrick Dentistry, we believe making educated, proactive choices not only improves your dental health, it helps our patients minimize the long-term investments in their dental care. Let’s talk about 4 of the

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