4 Reasons That A Dentist Might Recommend A Root Canal

Herrick Dental | 08/23/13

Root canal therapy is a typical dental procedure that many people will experience sometime during their life. Due to many fears and myths about root canals, most people have questions and concerns about the procedure before having it performed. The most common question that people have revolves around understanding why

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3 Ways You Can Alleviate Tooth Pain at Home

Herrick Dental | 08/19/13

It seems that toothaches always strike at the worst possible times. When you’re on a trip, at home late at night, or enjoying a weekend with your family, the last thing you want is to be knocked down by dental pain. We always emphasize to our patients that the best

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5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist at Your Next Routine Exam

Herrick Dental | 08/13/13

We encourage our patients to be active in the care of their oral health, helping patients to understand and address their unique needs.  Often, we find that many patients approach a routine examine as spectators rather than participants.  Dental care is much more effective when patients proactively ask questions during

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For Women – How Hormonal Shifts Can Impact Oral Health

Herrick Dental | 08/02/13

Women may find that throughout that their gum tissues change throughout their lifespan or even during their monthly cycles. These changes can be mild and unnoticeable, or hormone influences may cause their gums to be dramatically affected to where normal oral hygiene practices are not effective. Noticing unhealthy gums Healthy

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3 Methods To Beautifully Restore Your Teeth

Herrick Dental | 08/01/13

Not only does losing a tooth typically make someone self-conscious about their appearance, there are significant oral health concerns that should be considered as well. Larger problems arising from a missing tooth include: Adjacent teeth are prone to shifting Abnormal wear is placed on surrounding teeth, which can cause advanced

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4 Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Herrick Dental | 08/01/13

Silver fillings (called amalgams) have been used in dentistry for nearly a century. As advancements in dental materials have been produced, tooth colored fillings became available and used on a more frequent basis in routine dental treatment. Tooth colored composite fillings offer many benefits to the patients at Herrick Dental.

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An Overview of CEREC: Dental Crowns in One Visit

Herrick Dental | 07/22/13

Herrick Dental in Columbus, OH is excited to provide a state of the art crown service not available in most dental offices, called CEREC.  Dental crowns are tooth shaped restorations that cover the entire surface of treated teeth, in order to restore their health, integrity and appearance. Most crowns are

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4 Things to Do in the Event of a Dental Emergency

Herrick Dental | 06/27/13

You, a couple of movies, and a bag of microwave popcorn. Sounds like a perfect night, doesn’t it? It does, until an errant kernel cracks one of your teeth. Unfortunately, that’s often how dental emergencies occur – from small habits such as chewing on ice, hard candy, or popcorn. As

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How to Interpret a Mouthwash Label to Choose the Right One for You

Herrick Dental | 06/25/13

There are dozens of different types of mouthwash on the market and it can be difficult to determine the right option that will best meet your needs. Mouthwashes can help inhibit plaque buildup, prevent or control tooth decay, treat or reduce gingivitis, and work to slow down plaque hardening into

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3 Myths About Cavities

Herrick Dental | 06/22/13

Having misconceptions about dental decay can greatly affect the health of your smile. While some information that you hear may be accurate, there are common thoughts or beliefs that you may have heard from friends that could jeopardize the tooth, or all of your teeth. If it’s a baby tooth,

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