5 Ways to be Super Prepared for Your Root Canal Procedure

Herrick Dental | 06/20/13

Even with the use of advanced dental technology, root canal therapy is still associated with a stigma among dental patients. Many patients, when told that they need to have a root canal performed, become very anxious about the procedure itself. Sometimes they avoid it completely, which causes the eventual loss

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Powered Toothbrushes – Why You Should Make the Switch from Manual Toothbrushes

Herrick Dental | 05/22/13

Are you still thinking about making the switch from a manual toothbrush to a powered one? While the initial investment is certainly something to consider, they can be powerful tools in your efforts to maintain healthy and strong teeth and gums. There is a pretty broad range in models and

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Avoid Common Mistakes When Preparing Your Child for the Dentist

Herrick Dental | 05/21/13

One in four children develop a cavity prior to their fourth birthday.  Taking a child to the dentist can be an intimidating process for the child, and a frustrating process for the parent.  A positive experience at the dentist office can go a long way in setting up a child

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What are Composite Fillings?

Herrick Dental | 05/14/13

Tooth fillings are a dime a dozen and come in many different types. There are gold tooth fillings, silver tooth fillings, and composite fillings. Composite fillings are tooth colored fillings are made up of a mixture of tooth colored resin which is mixed together with clear glass particles used to

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CEREC Technology – An Overview of the New Way of Creating Veneers, Crowns and Inlays

Herrick Dental | 05/10/13

When getting a false tooth or teeth made, a patient used to be required to make several trips to the dentist. X-rays were taken and impressions were made prior to sending the project to the lab. Today, the process is a lot different. The rise of Chairside Economical Restoration of

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Caring for Your Family’s Dental Health

Herrick Dental | 04/30/13

The mouth is often referred to as the gateway to the body. Several recent studies have supported this theory by revealing that individuals with moderate to severe tooth decay and gum disease have a higher occurrence of general health issues. These findings have caused many parents, care-givers and health professionals

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Selecting a Dental Insurance Plan

Herrick Dental | 04/29/13

There are a multitude of factors to consider when selecting a dental plan. How can you be sure to choose the plan that is right for you? Generally, you want to select a plan that will meet your current oral health needs and offer coverage for potential issues or emergencies

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What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Herrick Dental | 04/26/13

Having a tooth extracted is something that most people do not look forward to, but it is a very routine procedure done daily in many dental offices. Ideally it is best to maintain natural teeth, but sometimes extractions are unavoidable. Why are teeth extracted? What is the procedure like? Can

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Causes and Treatments for Yellow Teeth

Herrick Dental | 04/25/13

Millions of dollars are spent each year by average people wanting Hollywood white teeth. What causes yellow teeth? Should yellow teeth be a cause for alarm? How can teeth be transformed from yellow to white? Poor Oral Hygiene Teeth may appear yellow due to poor oral hygiene. Plaque can accumulate

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Importance of Dental Cleanings

Herrick Dental | 02/27/13

Regular dental cleaning is an important part of having good oral hygiene, everyone knows that. This includes cleaning your teeth at home and visiting us for professional cleanings. Daily brushing paired with routine visits to our Columbus, Ohio dentist office twice a year are a combination that will help keep

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