| 05/22/13

Are you still thinking about making the switch from a manual toothbrush to a powered one? While the initial investment is certainly something to consider, they can be powerful tools in your efforts to maintain healthy and strong teeth and gums. There is a pretty broad range in models and price points ($25-over $100) on the market, but there are plenty of affordable options.

Simply More Effective
Numerous studies show that powered toothbrushes are simply more effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis over both the short and long term. Electric toothbrushes, with their 3,000-7,000 rotating motions per minute, do the heavy lifting for you. Depending on the model, they either rotate or move back and forth along the tooth to help remove plaque and fight tartar formation and gingivitis. Sonic toothbrushes offer between 30,000 and 40,000 strokes per minutes in a back and forth vibrating motion to help ward off plaque and gingivitis.

Help to avoid over-brushing
In efforts to make sure that they are getting every last bit of plaque off their teeth, some people brush with their manual toothbrush with too much vigor. This can cause abrasions on the tooth enamel or sensitivity or damage to the gums. As enamel cannot regrow, this is permanent damage and can affect the future health of the tooth. Whitening toothpastes are especially abrasive and should be used with care. Some powered toothbrushes have a built in timer to ensure you don’t brush for too long, sensors to tell you if you are using too much pressure, and instructions to help make sure they are used correctly.

Easier to Use
For people living with arthritis or other physical limitations, powered toothbrushes can help elevate some of the pain and pressure caused by manual toothbrushes as they do all the agitation for you.

The Fun Factor
There is a fun factor to using powered toothbrushes and that can certainly be a motivating factor to ensuring you brush twice each day. Do whatever you need to help guarantee that you brush as your dentist recommends. They can elevate a mundane chore into a more lighthearted experience. This is especially true for children, although, they will need some supervision to ensure they aren’t using too much pressure.

What to Consider When Purchasing
Although almost any type of toothbrush can do a good job, powered toothbrushes with rotating-oscillating bristles have shown the most reduction in plaque. Rotating-oscillating means that the head of the brush move in one direction together; stop and switch and then rotate in the opposite direction. Other perks to consider are pressure sensors to help make sure you aren’t using too much force and a timer to help ensure you brush for the right amount of time.

Be sure to consult us for recommendations if you are considering making the switch from manual to powered toothbrushes.

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