| 05/14/13

Tooth fillings are a dime a dozen and come in many different types. There are gold tooth fillings, silver tooth fillings, and composite fillings. Composite fillings are tooth colored fillings are made up of a mixture of tooth colored resin which is mixed together with clear glass particles used to increase the strength of the tooth.

There are a number of advantages that come with using composite fillings:

  1. These fillings come in different shades of color, and chances are that you will find a shade that will resemble the rest of your teeth, making them virtually impossible to detect.
  2. The fillings are very strong and durable, making them resistance to whatever biting force placed upon them.
  3. Placement involves an easy procedure, and only requires one dental visit.
  4. Tooth colored fillings are cost effective and cheaper than all other filling materials.
  5. These fillings are self-sealing. They do not allow for leaks which can cause decay if food or bacteria leak into the gap.
  6. They resist tooth decay.
  7. There is little to no requirement for repair or replacement.

When deciding upon the correct fitting material, it’s good to have all the information at hand. While composite fillings are highly recommended, they do have some potential downsides.

Possible downfalls of composite fillings are:

  1. The tooth filling will be a good match to the rest of your teeth but at later stages in life will not be a match as the other teeth age due to nature.
  2. These fillings are susceptible to stains, especially from foods such as coffee, wine, tea, and cigarettes.
  3. If you use tooth colored fillings for unnatural things like biting fingernails or opening bottles using your teeth, then there is a risk of the teeth chipping or breaking.

Composite fillings are safe, tooth-colored fillings that will give your smile a new, natural shine.

Ask us about our tooth-colored options at your next appointment!

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