| 06/17/15

knocked out tooth

Tooth avulsion, more commonly known as a knocked out tooth, can be very scary. Not only is it painful, but the fear that you may not keep your tooth can be even worse. This advice will surely save you or someone you care about in the case of tooth avulsion.

You Can Save a Knocked Out Tooth

Yes, it is true. You can save a knocked out tooth. It may seem like all is lost, but if you follow the right steps, then your chances of saving the tooth improve greatly. If it ends up not taking root, then stand-in teeth will bring your smile back to as good as new.

If the knocked out tooth is a child’s baby tooth, there is usually no need to save it. Call our office and consult us on what to do next should a small child experiences this type of injury.

Do Not Panic

Do not panic if a knocked out tooth event takes place. Check to see the injured person is responsive, and call 911 if the trauma was severe. Knocked out teeth often result from head trauma, which can be deadly. Before doing anything, make sure the injured person is okay.

Hold the Tooth by the Crown

Touching the roots of the tooth will damage it beyond repair. Holding it by the crown, or the chewing surface, avoids further damage. Without cells ready to begin the healing process, the tooth will die.

Time is the Key Factor

The faster your tooth can begin to root, the better off you are. Follow these steps in this order as quickly as possible:

  • Locate the tooth
  • Place the tooth back in mouth
  • Call your dentist

Look at the tooth before you put it back in your mouth. If it needs washing, wash it with a tiny bit of water or milk. Again, limit the amount of contact to the root end of the tooth.

Only wet the tooth. Do not dry or attempt to rub it, and do not put it in any chemicals like soap or alcohol. Too much handling and chemicals will prevent the tooth from attaching itself again.

Before placing the tooth back into the mouth, rinse the mouth with warm water, and then try to put it back into its socket so it can begin to take root.

Do not store the tooth in water. Storing the tooth in your mouth gives it the best chance for survival, even if you store the tooth in-between your cheeks.

Control Pain and Bleeding

If bleeding persists, keep pressure over the wound with a gauze pad or similar clean supplies. Treat the pain with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Reduce swelling with ice.

Call a Dentist Within 30 minutes

The tooth can survive longer than a half hour if kept in the mouth. Calling within 30 minutes makes certain your tooth is quickly taken care of, and if the dentist’s office is not open, be sure to visit the emergency room.
Should you or any of your family members lose a tooth, give us a call immediately. Make sure to get medical help if other problems are present. Herrick Family Dental is here to make sure your teeth are healthy and stay healthy.

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