Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic solutions to bring out your best smile.

Herrick Dental offers custom cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile. From whitening to botox, we help you achieve the look you want.

Whitening and so much more.

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than whitening teeth - it's about addressing the overall look and appearance of the smile. We work to understand each patient's needs and goals, and provide treatments that:

  • Reduce minor gaps between teeth
  • Shape teeth that are jagged, chipped, or cracked
  • Improve the color of stained teeth
  • Dramatically improve the whiteness of teeth
  • Discretely and gently straighten crooked smiles
  • Improve the shape of the jawline

Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of options for patients looking to improve their smile. Herrick delivers cosmetic treatments that are efficient, precise and stunningly beautiful.

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