Oral Sedation

We believe that dental care should be comfortable, always.

Our greatest priority at Herrick Dental is to provide gentle dentistry in a comfortable environment for our patients. To this end, we are happy to offer sedation dentistry to our patients.

Sedation at Herrick Dental

For patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety or who are undergoing an extensive dental procedure, we offer an oral sedative. You will remain awake, but in a deep state of relaxation, working nearly instantly.

Patients who are very nervous or getting an injection benefit greatly from an oral sedative. Unlike IV sedation, nitrous oxide and other sedation methods, the medicine is taken orally and is less invasive. An oral sedative is a safe method which provides effective anxiety relief for an overwhelming majority of patients.

If you are in need of extra comfort during your appointment, our dedicated team will discuss this option with you. At Herrick Dental, your serenity and safety are always our top priorities.

Experience comfortable dental care.

We offer a variety of sedation options for patients to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Call us today to see how sedation can improve your dental experience.

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