Composite Fillings

We craft natural looking, healthy smiles.

Herrick Dental uses composite fillings to provide you with a modern, aesthetically appealing alternative to traditional silver or amalgam fillings. These minimally invasive, sturdy fillings can save the structure of the tooth while repairing small cracks or cavities. Our commitment to comfortable, caring dentistry means providing speedy and comprehensive cosmetic services to patients of all ages.

Tooth repair that is barely noticeable.

If you have a cavity, we can provide advanced composite fillings to repair the damage and restore the natural beauty of your smile. Produced from safe resin composite materials, tooth colored fillings have the following advantages and benefits:

  • Less drilling required meaning less tooth structure needs to be removed
  • Greater ability to protect against the risk of breakage
  • Can be placed comfortably in a single appointment
  • Less expensive than gold or silver fillings
  • Long lasting and extremely durable

We repair your smile in a single relaxed visit.

Once a filling is necessary, our team will gently remove decay found within the tooth and softly clean the remaining tooth structure. We will create a filling that matches the color and texture of your surrounding teeth and place it within the targeted area. The final filling will be cured in a few minutes, and you'll be on your way with a healthy, happy smile. With modern composite fillings, we can restore your beautiful smile in a single visit.

Revive your smile with our natural composite fillings.

If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort or may have a cavity then our composite fillings could help you. Call our office today to schedule your appointment and see if you can benefit from natural composite fillings.

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