Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy doesn't have to be intimidating.

At Herrick Dental, we know that many patients shudder when they hear the words "root canal." We provide our patients with a comfortable, relaxing and pain free experience while producing exceptional results that leave patients smiling.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy addresses harmful conditions found within the tooth structure. Left untreated, these conditions threaten to destroy the tooth. To save patient's teeth, a root canal is typically recommended for patients who experience:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Abscessed, or pitted teeth
  • Excessive tooth pain
  • Cavities that penetrate into the nerve of the tooth
  • Infection in the tooth
  • Traumatic tooth injury

What is involved in root canal therapy?

Once a patient is relaxed, the subject tooth will be isolated and cleaned thoroughly. Using state of the art tools, the pulp of the tooth will be exposed so that the infection and bacteria can be removed. Medication will then be applied to prevent further infections, and the tooth will be prepared fro a permanent tooth-colored crown.

Let Herrick Dental get to the root of your tooth pain.

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