Computer Enhanced Operatories

Computer-Enhanced Operatories

At Herrick Dental, each patient room is equipped with computers to provide patients with dental care that is extremely informed.

How are computers used in our patient rooms?

Computer-enhanced operatories play an important role at each stage of a patient's appointment at Herrick Dental, both for the dentist and the patient. With computers in the room, our dental team:

  • Has complete access to a patient's dental history and records
  • Consults x-rays and dental images taken from previous appointments or procedures
  • Examine a patient's medical records and previous health conditions
  • Reviews notes left from previous appointments
  • Stores new digital x-rays and images from a patient's mouth
  • Records diagnosis and treatment plans for future evaluation
  • Provides a multi-media teaching element to the dental exam

With a computer in the room, our dental team is able to stay maximally informed about each patient's dental care. It's one way that we provide our patient's with efficient, effective, and enjoyable dental care.

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