Mouth Guards

Custom-fit mouth guards to protect your teeth.

At Herrick Dental, we help patients protect their teeth from a variety of conditions with custom-made, great-fitting dental mouthguards.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Whether you are a weekend athlete or have a teenager playing a contact sport, Herrick Dental can create a custom athletic mouthguard to fully protect your teeth. Better than sporting good store counterparts, dental mouthguards provide an extremely snug fit to prevent:

  • Biting tongue during impact
  • Concussions after a hard-hit or fall
  • Tooth loss from a direct impact to the face

Nighttime Mouth Guards

If you grind your teeth at night, or suffer from TMJ disorder, our specialists at Herrick Dental can provide you with a custom fit mouthguard to protect your teeth at night. Our customized mouthguards can help patients:

  • Protect teeth from being worn or damaged by nighttime grinding
  • Provide comfortable sleep for TMJ or TMD patients
  • Prevent headaches and discomfort caused by clinching teeth while asleep

Protect Your Mouth Today.

Getting fit for a custom mouthguard is a quick, easy procedure at Herrick Dental. Our professionals will help you find the most comfortable, secure materials for your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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