Fast, Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

Fastbraces® Technology provides a safe, affordable and fast way to straighten teeth. Some patients even see results in as little as 20 weeks! Developed and tested for more than 25 years, these modern braces are now available for the first time in the US.


Why FastBraces?

The decision to get braces can be scary. Many adults and teens dread the decision. FastBracesĀ® is the solution - providing a fast and convenient braces solution!

  • Speedy treatments ranging from weeks to months, not years!
  • Non-extraction immediate root movement in most cases
  • Affordable, revolutionary technology
  • Only wear retainers for 15-20 minutes a day
  • Preserves natural bite and function
  • Uses a single wire verses traditional wires and bands
  • Less painful than traditional braces
  • Safe - more than 25 years of successful clinical treatments

Different By Design

In most cases, teeth are crooked because they did not erupt properly. This means that the root of the tooth is slanted, forcing the tooth into a slanted or distorted position.

FastBraces® use a patented triangular design to target the roots of teeth from the beginning of treatment. A special nickel-titanium heat-activated wire gently uprights the root. The result is often times immediate, extraction-free root movement that straightens teeth.

The Fast, Safe and Affordable Braces Solution

Do you want straighter teeth in as little as 20 weeks? Come in for a consultation and discuss your personalized treatment plan.

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